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It's a common mistake for consumers to think an 8x10 is a standard enlargement size.  We encourage you to think larger with your personal portrait collection.  Print sizes starting at 11x14 are a traditional wall portrait size, meaning that the portrait is best viewed from a distance of 3 feet, which is a comfortable distance for a viewer to stand from the wall.  Think of the impact that a large wall portrait will have on guests in your home.  A 20x24 image makes a statement and draws the viewer in from across the room to "take in" the image.  An 8x10 portrait on the wall draws the viewer closer, simply because they cannot see the image from a distance.  Smaller images are perfect for groupings and collections.

Please use the space below to list the places in your home that you would like to display your beautiful new portrait.


Portraits are perfect gifts for friends and family.  Please use the spaces below to list family and friends you would like to purchase gifts for and the corresponding size of print you would select.  Don't forget images for an office display!


Our Portrait Artists will determine the best crop for your pose and size selection.  The samples below will give you an idea of how cropping effects the different portrait sizes. 


We take great pride in our photography and want nothing but the best for our clients.  That means one of our highly skilled artists will analyze each selected image and determine how artwork may best enhance it.  Our signature "Visual Magic" is a 10 step process that includes light blendings of facial lines, softening of eye bags, whitening eyes and teeth, removing blemishes, and removing facial shine.  Our "Visual Magic" is complimentary and included on any image you select for your album or image purchase options.  Additional retouching services are also available and priced based on the amount of work necessary. 

Basic Facial Enhancing for Classic Portraits Complimentary
Stray Hair Removal-Complex $35+
Remove Braces $40+
Remove Glass Glare $30
Body or Arm Slimming $50
Soften Tan Lines $40
Remove Bloodshot Eyes $15
Sunburned Nose or Face $35
Remove Tattoo $25+
Severe Acne $30

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